18-year-old student was arrested and faces multiple charges for being involved in multiple fights at Septima P. Clark Academy

Charleston, South Carolina – The 18-year-old Ariell Zellous, accused of being involved in multiple fights last month, was arrested and now faces several charges for the incidents that happened at a Charleston school late April.

According to multiple reports, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office arrested the suspect for his involvement in the fights that happened at Septima P. Clark Academy on April 25.

The teenager now faces several charges including third-degree assault and battery, resisting arrest, and four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

While the student is the only arrested for the fights, more arrests are expected in the upcoming days. Per the deputies who responded at the school in an effort to break up the fights, at least 10 students were involved in two different fights that day.

An arrest affidavit states that Zellous provided aid in helping to facilitate two separate fights which took place in the boy’s restroom which was corroborated with social media footage and school camera footage.

According to the affidavit, after aiding in the facilitation of those fights, Zellous was in two separate fights with another offender.

One of the deputies who responded at the scene said that the suspect struck him in the back and in the face while the deputy was trying to separate Zellous from the other offender.

The local authorities obtained school surveillance camera footage which clearly shows at least four students aged 15 and 16 getting in and out of the boy’s restroom where these fights took place.

Investigators say Zellous was seen on school camera footage standing in the doorway of the boy’s restroom and providing aid by watching the hallway, and warning students in the restroom as a teacher approached.

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