Bill to help SC firefighters diagnosed with cancer moves one step closer

Charleston, South Carolina – Support is one step closer for South Carolina firefighters diagnosed with cancer.

If the house passes the bill Wednesday, the bill that will establish the Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan then heads to the governor’s desk.

It provides supplemental insurance for firefighters after they are diagnosed with cancer by helping pay for cancer treatments, it includes:

  • Reimbursing $12,000 a year for out of pocket medical expenses
  • $20,000 up-front payment
  • $75,000 death benefit

The bill covers all kinds of cancer and all firefighters in the Palmetto State.

“It always boggled my mind that you ask people to go do this job, but then we don’t want to take care of them when the outcome is bad,” said Bill Pesature, Professional Firefighters Association of SC. “At least now we know we can take care of that outcome.”

Groups have worked for the past five years to get the bill passed here in South Carolina.

Monica Doyle


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