Charleston man will spend next 35 years in prison for stabbing woman to death in 2018

Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston man will spend the next 35 years in prison for stabbing to death woman in 2018. He pleaded guilty before his trial which was set to begin on Monday.

The incident happened on April 22, 2018 when Terry Kelly stabbed to death the 41-year-old Tennille Grant. He was sentenced to 35 years in jail.

According to court and police reports, Kelly had been harassing Grant for months before she was murdered. Police records indicate that the victim reported Kelly multiple times in several-months-period.

“Tennille Grant did everything the justice system asks of domestic violence victims, and she still died a violent death at the hands of her abuser,” Detective Charlie Benton of the North Charleston Police Department said.

“In the two months leading up to her murder, Ms. Grant made several reports to law enforcement, followed up on each report with documentation, moved repeatedly to avoid her abuser and made sure that the security officer at her new residence was aware of his name and description,” Benton said.

Kelly was sentenced to the minimum 30 years for a murder charge and five on the accompanying weapons charge, which will run consecutively.

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