Gas prices go up in South Carolina, the trend is expected to last shortly following Hurricane Ida

South Carolina – Since the Covid-19 measures were loosened late May and the businesses operations were seeing an increase, the gas prices have been going up ever since reaching record high in the last couple of years.

During the summer, gas prices were keeping a decent high level and drivers were paying more expensive gas compared to previous years.

Just when everyone was expecting to see a decrease in the gas prices as the summer is coming to its end, the prices went again up mostly because of the Hurricane Ida.

Although the increase is minor, the trend might last shortly and we can finally expect some decrease in prices in the upcoming period.

According to the latest data from GasBuddy, The Palmetto State saw prices at the pumps rise by 1.3¢ per gallon over the previous week, landing at an average of $2.89.

For the same period of time, the national average went down for 0.4¢ per gallon, ending up at an average of $3.17.

“As expected, Hurricane Ida’s disruption to the oil and refining industry led gas prices to rise over the last week, though thankfully, the rise wasn’t very significant,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

However, as systems in the Gulf continue to get back online, and with Labor Day in the rear-view mirror, some relief could be coming.

“With several Louisiana refineries poised to have power restored in the days ahead, the impact on gas prices could soon reverse, and with gasoline demand now likely to decline with the close of the summer driving season, I see the odds rising that gas prices will soon begin a seasonal downturn, accelerated by the expiration of summer gasoline requirements on September 15,” De Haan added.

“By Halloween, we could see the national average back under $3 per gallon.”

Gas prices in South Carolina are currently 1.2¢ more expensive than they were in August and are 92.7¢ per gallon pricier than at this time in 2020.

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