If Trump doesn’t get reinstated in August, supporters threaten with ‘civil war’

For some time now, Trump has been convincing his supporters and the public that he will be reinstated until the end of the summer. He went even further with his claims saying this will happen in August. Although majority of the people know this is unlikely to happen, there are some far-right Trump supporters who believe his claims.

Ahead of his first post-presidential rally on Saturday in Ohio, CNN reporter Donnie O’Sullivan had the chance to speak with some of Trump supporters that gathered in Wellington, Ohio.

What was obvious from the very beginning, most of these people are far-right oriented and they fully expect the real estate mogul to be reinstated before the end of the summer.

“He didn’t lose, I know he didn’t lose,” one woman told O’Sullivan, claiming that the latest election are a complete fraud in President Biden’s favor.

Another eye-catching moment was the fact that the crowd carried signs with slogans like “Trump won” and “Biden sucks”. From what can be seen in the video, none of these supporters really accepted the fact that Trump lost the election and Biden won.

Another group of people were here just to hear former president saying that “he’s coming back.” But despite their desire and the fact Trump was pushing this idea for months now, there is no formal and legal way by which such a reinstatement could happen.

“He’s coming back soon, and you guys are going down,” another supporter who identified himself as Ron told the CNN reporter. He attended the really with several other people. Ron continued: “He’s coming back before the middle of August.” When O’Sullivan asked him what might happen if Trump is not reinstated, Ron said:

“We’re going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over,” the man responded.

Ron said he also attended the January 6 Capitol riots as a part of the right-wing Three Percenters militia group whose members attended the Ohio rally on Saturday. As of now, at least six members of the group have been arrested and charged for taking part in the Capitol riot events.

“Yeah, I don’t think anybody should have went inside, but when you’re worked up in the moment and the adrenaline is pumping, you know, it just happens,” the man in a Kevlar vest said.

The man in the end added that according to him, more violence is coming on the streets if Trump doesn’t take over the White House soon.

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