Nearly 30 people reported vehicle break-ins in West Ashley over the last few days, police say

West Ashley, South Carolina – Police say 25-30 vehicle break-ins were reported in West Ashley during this week.

According to the authorities, the most of the reports came late Wednesday night and Thursday morning off Proximity Drive in West Ashley.

The reports from the people living in the area indicate that almost of the vehicles were damaged during the break-ins, while some reported stolen things from inside the vehicles.

“We received multiple phone calls for service over in the area of 2020 Proximity, and the residences there across from each other,” said Sgt. Justin Kursh with the Charleston Police Department.

All of these cars and trucks were locked when the incidents happened and had their windows smashed in, owners confirmed.

“As the officers arrived on the scene, they found several cars which had their windows punched out. So, every single one of them appeared to be forced entry,” said Sgt. Kursh. “As people work up and started going to work, we realized more and more of these cars were broken into.”

Since the break-ins happened in the same area, police believe that suspects targeted this specific area and they knew it well. Only in less than 24 hours, 25-30 vehicles were reported damaged.

“The individuals appeared to be looking for firearms in these vehicles. There were tools that were left out in plain view, cash left out in plain view, golf clubs, high-value items that were left in the vehicles and they were merely opening up glove boxes and opening center consoles.”

The suspects took at least three guns from the vehicles. Police don’t have suspects and arrest have been made yet.

The investigation about the incidents is ongoing. Once more details are available, we will update the case.

Monica Doyle


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