Non-residents will have to meet one of the three major requirements to transfer students to Georgetown County School District, application process starts July 25

Georgetown County, South Carolina – The Georgetown County School District informs the public that starting Monday, July 25, out-of-county students can request a transfer for the upcoming school year. Although the transfer doesn’t seem to be a complicated process, the school district once again reminds non-residents that at least one of three major requirements has to be met by parents if they want their child or children to be transferred to the Georgetown County School District.

According to the school district, the first requirement for non-residents is to own land in Georgetown County in each student’s name, and the land must assess for at least $300 per child.

The second requirement allows Georgetown County Schools’ employees to transfer their children to the Georgetown County School District even if they don’t live or don’t own land in Georgetown County.

If neither of the first two requirements is met, the school district will allow transferring out-of-county students, but parents will be required to pay an annual tuition of $1,500 per student.

Georgetown County Schools’ employees will have to complete the Non-Resident- Employee online request and attach a letter from the Board of Education of the school district in which the employee resides releasing their child(ren) to attend school in Georgetown County. Non-residents who want their child(ren) transferred to the Georgetown County School District will have to complete the Non-Resident Tuition-Payer online request form.

Tuition costs are equal to the local base student cost determined by the Education Finance Act and the State Department of Education. To make it easier for parents, the district will allow tuition to be paid in up to four installments during the school year. Parents will be required to make a payment at the start of each 9-week period.

More details about the requirements and the transfer process can be found at this link. For direct application, please visit this link.

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