Responding firefighter injured in Pawleys Island home fire, report

Pawleys Island, South Carolina – Responding firefighter was hurt in Pawleys Island home fire.

The fire happened outside of a home in Pawleys Island on Saturday.

According to fire department report, multiple agency crews responded at 68 Windward Way for a working home fire.

One responding firefighter suffered injuries and was treated at the scene. He was later transferred to a local hospital for treatment. His condition was stable as he suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Multiple fire department crews responded at the scene as well as police officers.

Police Department officials also confirmed the incident saying that the fire happened on Windward Way just off of Voyagers and Rybolt Road.

The fire was put under control shortly after the arrival of the firefighters. From what can be seen on the pictures, it appears a garage caught fire and the blaze spread into the attached home.

Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, fire officials released more information about the firefighter who reportedly suffered from heat exhaustion and had to be hospitalized. They also confirmed that the he was doing well in hospital.

Midway Fire and Georgetown County Fire crews responded at the scene.

The reason for the fire still remains unknown, but the ongoing investigation should reveal the cause of the fire.

As soon as the investigation is finished, we will update this story for the cause of the fire and the condition of the firefighter. Stay with us!

Monica Doyle


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