South Carolina new beach parking bill signed, this is what it means

Columbia, South Carolina – Free parking and state control along public roads in beach towns, the South Carolina parking bill was signed by the Gov. Henry McMaster. According to the bill, beach towns are now obligated to ensure some free parking along with a paid one.

The Isle of Palms City Council tried to fight the bill claiming it might take some of its control over the parking regulations. Council member also added that this bill, called Senate Bill 40, treats it and other barrier island communities differently.

Additionally, local governments will now be obligated to get approval from the Department of Transportation before they make any changes in the parking policy on state highways.

The governor released a statement on the passing of the bill and said although he recognizes that certain provisions of the legislation are “particularly controversial,” he said the source of the concerns are not the law itself but the recent circumstances the bill is meant to address.

“Although I appreciate the significant, legitimate concerns of interested parties on both sides of these important issues, I believe that this legislation represents a reasonable effort to clarify existing law in a manner that will facilitate further cooperation and compromise,” McMaster said.

Phillip Pounds, an Isle of Palms city councilmember and chair of the Ways and Means Committee, released the following statement.

Now that S40 has been signed into law, with an appropriate comment letter from our Governor, I’m hopeful that meaningful dialogue and a collaborative spirit can be implemented by all parties involved. While disappointed with the progress the bill has made, we will work with Secretary Hall as well as other local leaders to continue to prioritize and focus on the safety and security of our residents and visitors.

Monica Doyle


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