South Carolina ranked second safest state for remote workers

Charleston, S. C. – South Carolina is ranked the second safest state for remote workers, latest study shows.

Many people around the world still work from home and this is also the case in South Carolina.

South Carolina residents may feel a little easier now after study shows that the state is among the safest when it comes to cyber-security. compiled the list by looking at data breaches reported on the state level from 2018-2019, the number of records lost or stolen during these incidents, privacy laws, and different crime types.

These are short statistics:

  • California had the most data breaches (76) during this period, the most of any state
  • Wyoming had the most data breaches per 100k people
  • Florida lost over 340 million records as a result of data breaches
  • Maryland had the most lost records per 100k people

You can look at the full study by clicking here.

Monica Doyle


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