South Carolina teenager arrested after failing to stop for blue light fleeing the police, throwing weapons from window

The 18-year-old Juan Carlos Velazquez was arrested by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office deputies following a chase after he refused to stop for blue lights and throwing weapons from the window.

According to police, the teenager now faces multiple charges including failure to stop for blue lights, a weapons violation, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug/paraphernalia violations.

The police reports indicates that the incident happened on Saturday around 11:20 p.m. in Dorchester. The police headed to Stratton Drive near the Windsor Hill area after they heard gunshots coming from the area. The officers were patrolling along Ashley Phosphate Road before they tried to stop the teenager.

At the end of Stratton Drive, deputies say they saw a truck that noticed law enforcement and immediately made an evasive turn onto a side road near the back of the neighborhood. Deputies stopped the truck and they say they began conducting an investigative stop.

The vehicle, 2018 Chevy Silverado, had strong marijuana and cologne smell while the deputies were questioning the driver. Velazquez, who was the driver of the vehicle, was asked if he has weapons in the car and he said “no.”

One of the deputies saw a plastic bag with white substance while the other deputy was questioning the driver. Velazquez was with two other passengers in the car at the moment and they looked very nervous when the deputies were questioning them.

When deputies and Velazquez both looked at the bag at the same time, incident reports say Velazquez sped off almost hitting the deputy and their patrol car.

While fleeing from police, the deputies noticed that the passengers were throwing multiple “objects” from the window and they even turned lights off trying to elude deputies. After a short chase, the vehicle hit another car and flipped.

Deputies say they detained Velazquez and the two passengers, and discovered the object thrown from the car was an AR-15 pistol with a 30 round magazine containing 25 live bullets.

Additionally incident reports say deputies also found a blue backpack with two pill containers that had 24 pink pills and 7 white pills further down Dorchester Road.

Velazquez suffered injuries as a result of the crash and he was arrested and transferred to hospital for treatment.

The other passengers were not arrested, but they were taken to hospital for treatment too.

The driver of the second vehicle that crashed into Velazquez’s car suffered minor injuries and he was transferred to hospital for additional examination.

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