Suspect arrested for assaulting a man in a basketball game

Charleston, South Carolina – A man who was wanted in connection with an incident that took place on a basketball court in Downtown Charleston was taken into custody by the Charleston Police Department.

Officers from the Charleston Police Department reportedly responded to an alleged incident that took place in Hampton Park back in May.

A fight broke out on a local basketball court at six o’clock in the evening during a pick-up game when one of the players claimed that another player on his side had spit on him.

According to the report, the fight first started out as a verbal disagreement but quickly escalated into a physical one, with the suspect hitting the victim in the head.

When the victim saw blood on his hands, he called the police right away to report what had happened.

The suspect, only known as Osborne, drove away from the area.

He was arrested for assault and battery in the third degree.

Monica Doyle


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