Teacher sexually assaulting teenager and his girlfriend in multiple occasions, claims ‘The three of us really enjoyed everything’, sentenced

After a months long trial, Texas teacher was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison. Now the ex-teacher, pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual performance by a child and second-degree sexual assault of a child.

Leticia L. admitted to sexually assaulting the 14-year-old boy and his girlfriend in a van. According to the authorities, the first incident happened back in 2019 when the woman sexually assaulted the teenager in her home in Houston.

In the second accident, Leticia made the boy and his girlfriend, 13, to perform sex act in her van while she was watching on the side.

All started when the mother of the boy suspected that something is not ok and she went to the local police station. She was told to monitor her son’s cell phone and later she found ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the teacher.

There were a bunch of texts between the boy and the teacher indicating some kind of sexual relationship, the mother later confirmed.

After confronting her son, he later admitted everything about the relationship he had with the teacher as well as having sexual intercourse in her home.

When Leticia was interviewed for the first time, he denied everything. Sometime after when more evidence was found, she admitted everything and in one occasion she said ‘It was good experience for all of us, we enjoyed the act together’.

“Leticia has been a teacher and a private tutor with several places of employment over her years in education. She took advantage of her access to children to manipulate her victims and use them for her own sexual satisfaction,” the District Attorney said in a statement.

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