While holding the 2-year-old son in his hands, monster man stabs ex-wife to death as revenge for the break-up

The police are in search of J. Alves who allegedly stabbed his ex-wife to death as a revenge for the break up. According to the police reports, the incident occurred while Alves was holding their 2-year-old son in his hands.

The stabbing took place in the victim’s garage in her home in Brazil, shortly after the arrival of the suspect. Alves allegedly came to his ex-wife house to take their son who had shared custody following their break-up.

Just after Alves took the baby in his hands, an argument with the mother started. Alves became so furious in a matter of seconds and the argument escalated quickly resulting with stabbing his wife.

Ex-wife’s father who was in her home at the time of the incident, tried to help her but was forced back in the apartment by Alves. Alves fled the scene.

The father of the victim called 911 and the woman was transferred to hospital. She was still alive when EMS arrived at her home, but as a result of the heavy injuries she died shortly after.

The parents of the victim in an official statement agreed that the reason for the stabbing was their daughter’s decision to broke up with him.

Alves had reportedly been jealous, aggressive and possessive during the couple’s five-year relationship, which the victim ended one month ago.

The suspect fled the scene without his son following the attack and he has not yet been apprehended by the police.

The search for the man continues.

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