Woman stabbed and killed her elderly father and his girlfriend over multi-million worth property, bodies found days later

There are thousands of cases every year in United States when families argue over their inheritance, but this case is among those few that end up fatally after a woman killed her father and his girlfriend over a multi-million worth property.

According to the police report, the authorities believe that incident happened on September 29, but the bodies were found days later in the beginning of October after authorities were sent to perform a welfare check.

When officers arrived at the house, they found the dead bodies of the 87-year-old father identified as the J. Enders and his girlfriend, identified as the 75-year-old F. Pitoy.

According to the authorities, the dead bodies were found in the 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom Surf City house that’s listed for sale for over $1.9 million.

The main suspect in the case was the 55-year-old S. Heffernan who was arrested on Tuesday at her home in Pennsylvania and she’s awaiting extradition to the Garden State on charges of murder and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The police didn’t reveal many details about the case saying that they will wait for the results of the investigation, but said that both victims suffered multiple stab wounds leading to their deaths.

“The cooperative investigation ultimately determined that Heffernan, Mr. Enders’ daughter, was responsible for the deaths of both Mr. Enders and Ms. Pitoy,” said Prosecutor, who called the arrest a team effort of multiple law enforcement agencies.

The police didn’t reveal the motive for the stabbing incident, but believe that the multi-million worth house was the reason for the deadly incident.

Enders became the listed owner of the house in May, moving it from a trust, according to the Asbury Park Press. After the change, he listed the property for sale for $2.3 million and has since brought the price down to $1,999,000, the Press stated.

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