Young parents beat their daughter to death because she wet the bed, finally sentenced

Young monster parents were finally sentenced for beating to death their 3-year-old daughter because she wet her bed. Anthony C. and his teenage girlfriend Leticia L. were found guilty and sentenced after more than a year-long trial.

The 3-year-old Ana suffered a series of beating by her stepfather for wetting the bed in an incident that took place more than 2 years ago. The last beating was so violent that was fatal, following suspected seizure.

The day after the heavy beating, the little girl spent whole day with the mother. Ana was complaining about the pain whole day, but Leticia didn’t provide any help to her daughter during that time.

Almost 24h after the beating, Ana was brought to hospital in the late afternoon when she was found unconscious and with difficulty breathing, and with swelling and bruises on her body, by her aunt and grandmother, who are the family’s neighbors.

The girl died few hours later. Her parents were arrested immediately after her death. The prosecutor at the trial said: “She arrived in a very serious condition, with craniocerebral hemorrhage and broken ribs.

“And the mother spent the whole day watching her daughter’s suffering.”

The father was sentenced to 32 years in prison for fatally beating Ana. The mother was found guilty for not helping the little girl and sentenced to 29 years.

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