All South Carolina counties are seeing raising trend in cases, school opening mean more people sick, health experts warn

Opening the schools with in-class learning while the current situation with rising cases is seen across all South Carolina counties means nothing but more people getting infected with the virus in very short period of time, health experts warn.

Doctors tried to explain what the current symptoms of the virus look like and help everyone determine if they are infected with Covid-19 or it’s something else.

“Right now what we are seeing with COVID-19 is the same flu-like illness, just not feeling well, lots of shortness of breath and fevers,” said Dr. Ken Perry, Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

According to him, currently doctors are mostly diagnosing upper respiratory infections. While the CDC shows rising trend in every single South Carolina county, parents are getting nervous how the current situation will affect their children and their families.

“The anxiety of starting a new school year and what does this mean, this is going to cause anxiety and ask parents to take a step back and see what this means for my child and our family,” said Dr. Perry, Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

While health experts urge everyone eligible to get the vaccine as soon as possible, currently only children aged 12 and more are eligible for vaccination. That means that most of the children will have to go to school unvaccinated that will probably result with devastating number of cases in a very short period of time.

This already has been an issue in some states where the school year started earlier like in some counties in Arkansas where whole classes were sent to quarantine as a result of tens of positive cases in a matter of days.

“Now for children, this is difficult because we do not have a vaccine for them,” said Perry, Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

Schools and daycare are set to open soon in Palmetto State and residents are understandably worried about how the near future might look like. Another thing parents worry about is who will look after their little children if they get sent to quarantine.

“There was this release of anxiety that happened in June July time frame when numbers were dropping off and everyone saying we are almost to the end of this and then there’s this little variant we are talking about and now we are back to that same place,” said Perry, Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

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