Shooting in Dorchester County on Saturday sent two people to hospital, report

Dorchester County, South Carolina – Shooting in Dorchester County on Saturday sent two people to hospital for treatment.

According to the authorities, they received a 911 call in regards of a shots fired just before noon on Saturday.

“The first couple officers arriving on scene located one person who had a gunshot wound, and a very short time later a second person was located. Both of those folks have been transported to hospitals for treatment,” Lt. Rick Carson said.

The shooting was reported in the 100 block of Orangeburg Road, authorities said.

Part of Orangeburg Road was closed for several hours while the crews were at the scene investigating the shooting.

The road was reopened several hours later in the afternoon hours just before 6:30 p.m.

Officers secured the scene with a ‘caution’ tape. Bystanders were kept a distance away from the scene.

Police didn’t provide any information about the condition of the victims, what led to the shooting or if any other suspects were involved in the shooting.

This a developing story, we will update the case with more details when available.

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Cindy Carey


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