Anti-mask ‘Karen’ makes waitress quit job on spot: ‘I just put my lipstick on, can’t put mask’, caught on video

Some people simply can’t understand that Covid-19 pandemic and the virus are still very dangerous and new records of positive cases are being set almost every day. This video in another proof how these people with their behavior ruin our everyday life and unfortunately, help the virus spread.

The video footage was first released on Reddit on Monday on unknown location when clearly ignorant ‘Karen’ refused to wear a mask when entering the restaurant.

The waitress tried to explain the anti-masker customer in a calmly manner that she is obligated to wear a mask, but without success. Following the short conversation, she quits her job on spot.

The video shows how the customer repeatedly insists that she and her male companion don’t have to wear a mask since they are only 5 feet into the restaurant. Her friend however, is wearing a mask all the time during the conversation.

The customer continued refusing to put a mask saying “I just put my lipstick on.” The waitress decided and called her manager. The customer says she is “breathing” and that no one’s getting sick, although we all know that the virus has incubation period of two to fourteen days.

The waitress suddenly raises her voice to say, “It’s people like you that make it difficult for having a job.”

“I don’t get paid enough to be here,” she says while ripping off her black apron and cap. “And it’s not fair because it’s not even my fault.”

She headed to the door and left the restaurant immediately. After pushing the waitress right over the edge, the customer then pulls a mask from her pocket.

The video can be seen here.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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