The Lucky Mega Million winner won $1.337 billion, but the winning ticket holder will ‘only’ receive $780 million if the one-time payment option is chosen

On Friday, a lucky winner won the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot in the history of the game. The winning prize is also the third-largest prize of any in the U.S.

The last time someone won the Mega Millions jackpot was on April 15. Until Friday, the series had lasted three and a half months without a winner. The winning numbers were 13-36-45-57-67, Mega Ball 14 and Megaplier 2.

The initial estimation was that the prize would reach $1.28 billion, but the jackpot rose to $1.337 billion late Friday. The winning ticket was purchased at a Speedway gas station in Illinois, and the store that sold the ticket will receive a $500,000 commission for selling the ticket. As of Saturday, the lucky winner hadn’t claimed his ticket. However, the winner can ask the lottery to keep his name and place of residence confidential.

As usual, the winner will have two choices: a one-time cash payment or a first payment now and 29 annual payments over the next 29 years. If the winner chooses the second option, he will get paid the full prize of $1.337 billion. If the winner chooses a one-time cash payment, the ticket will yield about $780 million.

Six ticket holders won $2 million each after matching the first five numbers, but these players also paid an additional $1 to activate the game’s “multiplier.” These tickets were sold in Florida (3), Pennsylvania, Iowa and Arizona.

Lottery officials also confirmed that 20 tickets across the country won $1 million each because they matched the five white balls but not the Megaplier.

The 20 “Match 5” winners without the multiplier were sold in California; Florida (two); Georgia (two); Illinois; Kentucky; Louisiana; Michigan; Minnesota (two); North Carolina (two); New Hampshire (two); New York; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas (two); and Wisconsin.

Players are encouraged to check their tickets on this link because there are additional prizes including prizes worth $20,000, $10,000, $1,000 and $500.

On January 13, 2016, a Powerball prize of $1.586 billion was shared by winners in California, Florida, and Tennessee. In the history of the US lottery, that prize remains the largest jackpot prize won in any US lottery game.

When it comes to Mega Millions, a ticket sold in South Carolina in 2018 was the winning ticket of a $1.537 billion prize. The ticket sold in South Carolina was the only ticket that won that prize at the time. That is the second-largest jackpot for any US lottery game, and it’s the world’s largest lottery prize won by just one ticket.

The next drawing will be Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET, at the $20 million starting point.

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