Assistant principal admitted to hospital after being attacked by a student

Charleston, South Carolina – Authorities are looking into an incident where an assistant principal was attacked by an elementary school student.

Officers from the Charleston Police Department were called to Drayton Hall Elementary School on Tuesday.

According to the police report, the assistant principal had to dismiss an 11-year-old student from class in order to clean up a mess he had left in the boy’s restroom. The student then got into an argument with her, and eventually the argument erupted into a scene where the student started swearing at her, punching her in the face, and kicking her.

Investigators said that the attack left the assistant principal with visible injuries near her eye, so she was taken to a hospital for further assessment.

When interviewed by authorities, the student denied the accusations the assistant principal made against him regarding the mess in the restroom and was simply weary of the assistant principal giving him instructions. During the interview, the student also mentioned that he did not feel guilty and that the assistant principal deserved it.

Officers later found that this was not the first incident the student was involved in. He allegedly attacked another staff member recently.

Due to the student’s age, he was not arrested. It is not known whether charges will be filed.

Alex Tuhell

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