Powerful comparison: the real difference between Trump and Biden big media will never show

Despite Biden winning the Elections last November, Trump has been around all the time. He continues to entertain the public with his baseless election fraud claims, the deadly Capitol riots, his recent interviews and much more.

Well, we didn’t expect less from Trump right? Since becoming president, Biden revoke numerous Trump policies and some of them were canceled even on the first day of his presidency. Not all will agree that the one was right altogether, but we can definitely agree they are completely different. In every single term!

The recent G7 summit was another great opportunity for Biden to shine and show the public some of his gaffe artillery. But, this was also a great opportunity to show how much he differs from Donald Trump, a man who always wanted to be THE ONE.

The Recount posted fantastic side-to-side comparison of Donald Trump attending NATO summit in 2017 and Joe Biden attending the recent G7 summit.

Please just don’t bother with technicalities at this point since the real purpose of the side-to-side 5-second video is the behavior of the two. On the left side we can see the then US President Donald Trump pushing Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic getting in front of him while all the attendees prepare for a photo. On the right side of the video, you can see Joe Biden walking arm in arm with French President Emmanuel Macron. All in all, that’s it, simple 5-second video comparison between the two.

When Montenegro local media asked Prime Minister Dusko Markovic if he was bothered with Trump’s move, he said he didn’t even notice the whole situation at the moment and there is nothing to really talk about here. According to him, if the video didn’t get the online attention when posted, he wouldn’t even be aware of the moment. But it’s up to you to decide whether he really meant what he said later if you consider his facial expression when he was pushed by Trump.

Trump’s psychological need to be the center of attention still drives some US citizens crazy. Many of them will say his behavior on the NATO summit has been one of the biggest US embarrassing diplomatic moments in the history of United States. Just look at his face when he got upfront. All that satisfaction…

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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