Otranto Road Library set to re-open Monday after renovation, new libraries to be build and existing to be renovated in the upcoming period

Charleston, South Carolina – The Otranto Road library in Charleston County will be re-opened on Monday morning after the renovation.

The library has been closed since August 2020 for renovation and now is upgraded and completely redesigned.

Before the closure last August, the library capacity was around 500 people per day, but with the recent renovation it could serve even more people, according to the Otranto Road Library Manager Ray Turner.

“It provides better access to the community,” Turner said. “There’s so many folks that still need libraries because there’s still a digital divide. Particularly here at Otranto we do a lot of work force development, a lot of resumes.”

The library is completely redesigned with new shelves, furniture and books for much better experience. Furthermore, adults and children can now use even more new computers.

The renovation of the library was funded by the $108 million referendum passed by Charleston County residents.

According to the Turner, the funds from the referendum will be used in the near future for building new libraries and renovation of at least existing libraries.

The library will be opened at 9 a.m. Monday.

Meanwhile, officials announced that another library is currently closed for renovations.

According to them, the Dorchester Road Regional Library is under renovation and is expected to open in about a year from now.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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