Orangeburg man accused of assaulting and injuring a 7-year-old boy was arrested and charged, report

Orangeburg, South Carolina – The 32-year-old Chester Saylor has been arrested and charged for assaulting and injuring a 7-year-old boy in an incident that happened in December, local authorities confirmed.

According to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, Saylor is accused of assaulting a 7-year-old child, breaking multiple bones, injuring his heart and brain and burning him with a cigarette.

The incident happened in Saylor’s home in North while the child was in his care. The police didn’t immediately confirm what is Taylor’s relation with the child.

Once the 7-year-old’s mother learned about what had happened, she headed to his home and took the child. That’s the moment when Saylor punched her in the face, but she was able to get the child and transport him to a local hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the mother reported the incident to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office.

When questioned by the authorities, Saylor said he didn’t know the people or what they are talking about. He even said he received threats.

In 2019, Saylor was charged with another count of injuring a child after allegedly dipping a 2-year-old in a bath tub of scalding water. That child was taken to a burn center where physicians discovered a broken bone.

The attacker was charged with inflicting great bodily injury to a child and will remain in custody after he was denied bond on Tuesday.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

Cindy Carey


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