Baby dies after the woman who was hired to drive it to daycare gets distracted and forgets the baby in her car for seven hours

Finding the right person to take care of the children seems to be an extra-cautious decision for every parent nowadays. This means putting a lot of effort and time into the process in order to avoid someone like the 43-year-old J. Domingo who was arrested and now faces criminal charges in the death of a 2-year-old child that she left it in a hot vehicle.

According to the police report, the mother of the baby M. Ramirez hired Domingo to drive her 2-year-old daughter to daycare Friday morning. Domingo took the toddler and drove the girl to her own home because the daycare wasn’t open yet.

In the early hours of the morning, the police report continued, Domingo strapped in the toddler with a seat belt but no car seat. Domingo said that she then “got distracted” and went into her home in Florida, returning to the van seven hours later, the Miami Herald reported.

On Friday, the temperatures in the area reached 91 degrees. That means that the baby was strapped in the back seat of Domingo’s car in temperatures reaching much more than outside’s temperature.

When Domingo got back into the car seven hours later, the little girl appeared lifeless. Instead of calling 911, she drove the baby into her mother’s house but it was already late and the baby was dead.

Additionally, Domingo’s vehicle transportation services were completely off the books and she had no driving license at all.

“I feel really awful right now. I feel bad because my daughter isn’t here with me,” Ramirez said. “It’s not the same as if she were here. She would tell me everything, ‘Mommy,’ but now who will talk to me about anything? Nobody,” she added.

According to the Saturday’s jail records, Domingo is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and $50,000 bond was set. As of now, no attorney was listed for the woman.

Parents, be extra cautious!

Monica Doyle


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