Biden’s vaccine requirement to end up as another fiasco, no increase in number of new vaccinations since his announcement two weeks ago

What many people feared since the vaccines were rolled out last December, ended up to be true when president Joe Biden announced the vaccine requirement for federal workers and employees in companies with more than 100 workers two weeks ago.

In a series of unfortunate events for the president last month, culminating with the semi-successful Afghanistan troops withdrawal, Biden managed to reach his lowest approval rating since taking over the White House office in January and the most recent announcement over the vaccine mandate comes in a tricky period of his presidency.

Biden’s rating dropped so much that even his fellow Democrat representatives decided to distance from him and the White House administration latest policies trying to keep rating as safe as possible. This was also reported and confirmed by Axios, that named several Representatives and Senators who publicly distanced from Biden following the Afghanistan events in August.

Biden’s announcement over the vaccine requirement will surely not improve his rating since his speech was nothing but a ‘disturbing speech’, just like one of those Trump’s speeches we all remember very well.

Biden’s anger flowed through divisive rhetoric as he ranted that he was “losing patience” with the unvaccinated. That division was accentuated by the hysterical claim the vaccinated need to be “protected” from the unvaccinated, a contention that ignores the scientific facts on who can spread COVID.

In his speech, Biden presented his latest plan to battle the deadly virus, but many important things in regards to his plan remained untold. That clearly means one thing, Biden’s main point in his speech was fear, making people to get vaccinated as soon as possible without announcing a clear time-frame when his decision will get into force.

But instead of improving the vaccination numbers, Biden was slammed from every single GOP member, numerous Attorney Generals and GOP governors who publicly announced they will use every single legal option they have to battle his decision claiming he overreached his power and the decision is unconstitutional.

Since Biden’s announcement over the vaccine requirement, the number of new vaccinations remained completely unchanged, according to New York Times. In the last couple of days, around 770,000 doses are being administrated per day, which is almost the same number compared to when Biden announced the vaccine requirement and less compared to August.

Another negative factor for Biden recently is his decreasing credibility since he confirmed several times in his public speeches that he can’t speak nothing else out his pre-made scripts bringing in question his authority and ability to run the White House office.

The upcoming weeks will show how the whole vaccine mandate policy will turn out since many healthcare workers already said they will rather leave their job than to get vaccinated amid the healthcare workers shortage and the Delta wave.

Cindy Carey


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