Charleston downtown intersection still an issue, recent safety improvements didn’t solve the problem residents say

Charleston, South Carolina – Despite the recent safety improvements around Meeting Street and Brigade/Cypress Street, this downtown area is still an issue according to the residents.

The Meeting Street intersection makeover was finished a few months ago in March. Flashing lights were added, curb extensions and new crosswalk markings warning drivers to slow down. But despite the improvements, residents still have safety concerns on this downtown spot.

Since March, there have been a several crashed recorded and most of them were captured on private home security camera.

Gordon Oliver, who works nearby, said there was an accident this Wednesday.

“Just yesterday, I was on a call and I thought I heard a loud screech and a bang. I was walking out for lunch and at that bus stop there was a brand-new SUV that had just crashed into it, a single-car crash and that happens all the time,” Oliver said. “I cross the intersection probably four times a day and every day it’s hit or miss whether the cars are going to stop for the pedestrian lane, it’s a scary intersection.”

The police say that a total of 5 incidents have been reported since the start of the year around Meeting and Brigade/Cypress Streets.

But people who cross the area every day agree that not much has changed since March.

“First of all, it’s just the loud beep of the crosswalk and it’s not just the beep, it’s the ineffectiveness of the beep that even though there is a crosswalk, the cars aren’t stopping for you. I’ve waited probably 10 to 15 minutes for one nice guy to finally stop,” Oliver added. “To me that button does nothing. It flashes and all and tells the cars that you’re a pedestrian, but to me I’ve had no success with having that button and crossing the street.”

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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