Trees and powerlines down following the fierce winds on Monday, a lot of problems for local businesses, report

Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston local residents and business owners faced a lot of difficulties on Monday following the fierce winds that caused trees and powerlines down in the area.

While some workers and businesses owners were unable to even start their businesses on Monday because of no power or internet, others were unable to even get to their final destinations because dozens of roads were blocked of fallen trees.

“The tree, not right here, but a little bit further down, probably the size of this tree right here, completely blocked off the road. I mean, you couldn’t access it here,” said Acosta Concrete Pumping owner Mary Acosta.

Acosta is among many others who were struggling to operate on Monday.

“As of right now, we’re kind of limited on what we can do in the office because we don’t have any internet. Thankfully we got power back, but as of right now, our guys are just kind of waiting back to see if we can get internet up and going because everything is online for us right now,” Acosta said.

But the business owners who are not the only ones affected by this situation. According to Acosta, employees are not able to get a full day of work in meaning they will have fewer working hours and reduced payroll. In such situation, everyone is affected more or less.

“It’s affecting the employees, their hours. They’ll be working half days. There was a delay coming on to the island, so they had a late start and on top of that, with the internet, they’re kind of limited, so their hours are probably going to be cut short today,” Acosta said.

The delay also cost her time.

“I would say a good 40 minutes, at least a good 40 minutes having to run around, see which street was open to get to our shop,” Acosta said.

While traveling Monday morning was a hassle, all roads are were later open on Johns Island.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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