Chief Reynolds: 90 arrest warrants issued following May riot, protests in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina – A total of 90 arrest warrants were issued as a result of the May riot and protests that happened in downtown Charleston, according to Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds.

The city held a virtual public safety committee meeting on Tuesday and discussed the events that happened on May 30 and 31 in downtown Charleston following nationwide protests over racism and racial injustice from law enforcement.

Of the 90 warrants issued, Chief Reynolds said 74 warrants have been served and 16 warrants are outstanding.

So far, he said 26 arrests have been made and nine people face state arson charges – two from retail businesses and five over setting fire to police cruisers.

Chief Reynolds said a final report on the May riots will be ready by the end of the month and will be presented to the Public Safety Committee for review before going to full council.

Meanwhile, US Attorney Peter McCoy Jr. announced federal indictments against four individuals from the Charleston area for their role in the riots and protests.

McCoy said the charges are for participating in actions including arson, inciting riots, and other civil disorder.

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