Rural areas of Jamestown, Pineville and Huger in Berkeley County will soon get improved, fiber internet connection

Berkeley County, South Carolina – Stable high-speed internet is a necessity in the modern era. Most of the cities are covered with fiber infrastructure that provides quality internet connection for huge number of people, but rural areas nationwide still lag behind, and people living in these areas are having a hard time whenever they need stable internet connection.

Finally, things are about to change, at least for people living in some rural areas in Berkeley County, as a project started last year is about to provide a high-speed internet connection very soon.

Home Telecom started building fiber infrastructure last year, a project that should provide faster internet for residents living in rural areas of Jamestown, Pineville and Huger. The project was started in 2021 after the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff awarded the utility $2 million to expand Internet services in rural areas and that project is now almost completely finished.

At least 1,400 homes in these areas will be covered by the project after Home Telecom installed 275 miles of fiber.

The specific area was chosen following a survey conducted by the company, after they found out who had less than 25 megs of internet or no internet at all.

Officials with the company confirmed that Home Telecom received yet another grant for a similar project aiming to improve the internet in Dorchester County.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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