South Carolina family loses father, child and all belongings in house fire, asking community for help

Columbia, South Carolina – Following several tragedies this year, a family is asking community help to get their life back on track.

The family was first hit with the first tragedy in January when the father passed away due to natural cause. Month after the loss of the father, T’anna Oliver mother of three, lost her 2-year-old son in house fire including all their belongings.

“That was a night that was so tragic. The worst night of my life. Anytime I think about that night, I can smell the smoke. It’s just replayed, it seems like a dream,” said Ameerah Oliver, T’anna’s sister.

The house fire occurred on February 27th and the investigation about the cause of the fire is still ongoing.

“It was hard. It was something I could never imagine. I think about it all the time, every day,” said T’anna Oliver.

The fatal day, Ameerah went to her sister’s house and took T’anna’s 11 and six-year-old sons for a walk and lunch. T’anna and her 2-year-old were sleeping in the bedroom when her sister left the house. Shortly after she received a call that the home was on fire. She immediately got back at the house.

“Before I even turned on the road, the sky was lit up. All I seen was smoke and my heart dropped,” said Ameerah Oliver.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, they were giving CPR to the mother and daughter for more than 20 mins. They were both rushed to hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the 2-year-old passed away few days after the accident as a result of the injuries.

The family lost everything they had. Now they are asking the community for help, to try and put their life back on track.

To help the Oliver family, click here.

You can contact Tavon Lowry with any other donations at (803) 529-0384.

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