Earlier than initially planned, Hunting Island State Park lighthouse closed for public due to repairs

Hunting Island, South Carolina – Earlier than initially planned, the Hunting Island State Park public lighthouse was closed due to repairs, multiple sources say.

According to the available information, new cracks in the structure of the lighthouse were found following a weekly inspection, something that should be urgently repaired. That forced the officials to close the lighthouse for the public until the repairs are finished.

his closure happened months before the park planned a lengthy closure for $3 million in renovations to the black-and-white striped 136-foot tall lighthouse.

The lighthouse on Hunting Island is the only historic lighthouse regularly open to the public in South Carolina.

It was built in 1859, but destroyed in the Civil War. The lighthouse was rebuilt again in 1875.

It is unclear when the lighthouse is going be opened for the public again.

Once more details are available, we will update the story.

Monica Doyle


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