Estranged boyfriend shot and killed his former girlfriend carrying his baby after she asked him for money to organize gender reveal party

Man will most probably spend decades in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend who was carrying his baby after she asked him to financially help her to organize a gender reveal party. The investigation showed that he shot the victim in the head in her backyard killing her and the unborn baby.

According to the police, the suspect was identified as the 25-year-old I. Smith and he was arrested and charged earlier this month for killing the 26-year-old ex-girlfriend K. Short in the backyard of her home. Since she was carrying a baby, the suspect faces additional murder charges of an unborn child.

The incident took place in September at Short’s home in Pennsylvania and authorities were investigating the case for more than a month until they finally arrested and charged the suspect.

Court documents filed against Smith claim he was the father of Short’s unborn child, and told another woman, later identified as his girlfriend, that he was leaving her home to see a friend’s new puppy the night he carried out the pre-planned murder.

Two days prior to her death, Short texted Smith asking him for money for a gender reveal party for their unborn child. Short was in the fifth month of the pregnancy when the incident took place. Investigators obtained the text messages from Short’s cell phone and presented them in court, court records confirm.

Short was living with her disabled uncle who was at home when the shooting took place. According to him, Short was talking with someone on the phone, and ask, “Are you coming to the front or the back?” Short walked outside and that’s the moment when her disabled uncle heard the gunshot. Police say they have enough evidence to prove that Smith was on the other side of the line.

Since Short’s uncle is disabled, he was not able to go and check what had happened in the backyard after he heard the gunshot, something that is not very common in the area where they live. The shooting took place right after midnight and Short’s dead body was found by the police almost 10 hours later in the morning.

The incident report indicate that she was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her body was taken for autopsy. As of now, the only cause of death remains the shooting that night.

A detective who was working on the case easily identified Smith since he was working in a local bank. Short’s family, who only knew Smith by his first name, also confirmed that they knew that Smith was working in a local bank, but they never got a chance to meet him in person.

“I want to thank the local police department, the case workers. They’ve done a tremendous job, and they’re doing a tremendous job in this case,” said victim’s father. “Oftentimes with law enforcement, they’re under-appreciated for what they do, but we need them. They keep us safe. The people who helped solve this case are all real-life heroes.”

After more than a month-long investigation, Smith was arrested on November 5 and charged with homicide and homicide of an unborn child.

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