GoFundMe campaign started for the family of two who lost everything they had in Tuesday house fire in Goose Creek

Goose Creek, South Carolina – Tuesday house fire in Goose Creek destroyed the house and all of the family’s belongings inside and the owners are now asking the community for help in an effort to repair the house and get back on track with their lives.

According to the owner John Earnhardt, he was out for only half an hour on Tuesday. When he returned, what he saw was nothing but a complete tragedy. His house was in flames. All of his and his daughter’s belongings were gone forever.

“I am praying 100 times a day looking for answers. I have gone through floods and hurricanes in the 23 years, but nothing as devastating as this where I lose everything, and I lose my pets. It is just really hard right now,” said Earnhardt.

Earnhardt life has never been easy. He takes care of his 44-year-old who is a person with special needs.

He has everything in his life, but the loss of their home, all of their belongings and their two cats in the fire, can’t be compared to anything before.

The hardest part for Earnhardt seems to be the fact that he is also helping his daughter to cope with the incident. Earnhardt says that is probably the biggest challenge he currently faces.

“I start trying to explain to her, and then I break down and start crying. I am trying to be strong for both of us, but I do not know how to do it,” says Earnhardt.

His daughter Kristene has had difficulties understanding exactly what has happened to her home.

“(It’s) very hard because she is used to going into her room, watching her own TV shows, playing her video games on her TV and all that is gone now. Everything has been taken away from her,” says Earnhardt.

But the fire is not the only thing that happened to the family recently. The house fire has been just another major hit for them after Earnhardt’s mother died earlier this month, on December 1st.

“I am very depressed. Especially here at Christmas time. I have to deal with my daughter asking me questions and I do not know how to answer her. I do not know where to turn to. I need some help right now,” says Earnhardt.

The house is still under investigation. Once authorities finish the investigation, they will reveal the real cause of the fire.

Since the house is completely destroyed along with all the family’s belongings, Earnhardt believes that it will take at least six to seven months until they will be able to go back in their home again. As of right now, he and Kristene are staying with some friends until they can get back onto their feet.

The family is in tough financial situation and they are unable to repair their home after the house fire. They are asking the community for help in repairing their house. If you would like to support John and Kristene you can do so by going to GoFundMe.

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