“His hands! He’s got the gun!” – Elderly man gets shot after opening fire at police officers, the incident caught on body camera (Video)

This Florida gas station turned into crime scene when police officers shot the 80-year-old James Z. after refusing to get out of the car and not touch his weapon. Following the incident, body-cam footage was released which shows how the frightening incident went down.

According to the report, James started talking to the police officer how he wants to kill somebody or hurt himself and to drive to gas stations and kill people.

The officer tried to calm down the elderly man, a process that lasted more than 15 minutes. When back up arrived, they’ve put spikes in front of his sedan so if he moves, his tires will flatten.

The situation escalated after a few minutes when one of the officers realized the man has a gun next to him. The officers put all their pressure in trying to convince the man to put the gun down.

While one of the deputies started smashing the windows of the car with punch tool, another one started screaming: “Someone watch his hands! His hands! He’s got the gun!”

Numerous shots are fired. “Hands up!”

Finally, silence: “He’s alive,” a deputy says.

No deputies were injured; the suspect remains in ICU at a local hospital.

UPDATE: James died Monday evening, two days after the incident.

The whole video can be seen on the following link.

Alex Tuhell

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