Hundreds of gifts were given to the homeless for Christmas by Uplift Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. – About a month ago Aaron Comestock, the founder of Uplift Charleston, said he had a feeling that he needed to help the homeless community. Aaron promised to help and he delivered!

Just before Christmas, dozens of people are asking for help. The homeless men and women were mostly asking for blankets, food, clothes and even gift cards. Aaron asked for donation on his Uplift Charleston fb page.

Christmas period for most of us is the best period of the year, but for the homeless people it’s usually lonely and difficult time as they often don’t have where to celebrate and don’t have family to celebrate.

After the request on his FB page, the community answered better than expected and he managed to collect more donations than expected. Then he headed to various locations across the city and put smiles on hundred of faces.

This event for organized for the first time. Aaron hopes to make it much bigger next time.

He will also deliver gifts on Christmas Day, if you’re interested in donating or receiving you can click HERE.

Monica Doyle


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