Hungry toddlers asking neighbors for food after man brutally kills their mother leaving the dead body in their apartment for days

The 30-year-old A. Daniels accused of killing his girlfriend and leaving the body in the apartment with the woman’s three little children, was arrested last week after being on the run for almost two months, police say. Authorities found the woman’s dead body when the hungry toddlers asked their neighbors for food five days after the incident.

Daniels is charged for the murder of his girlfriend, identified as S. Robinson, in the May 12 incident in her home in Arizona. According to local police department, woman’s dead body was found five days after the incident when two of the toddlers allegedly asked their neighbors for food from their balcony.

On Friday, Robinson’s mother appeared in a virtual court hearing and confronted the monster man for killing her daughter and leaving her three grandchildren in the apartment with the dead body for days.

The murdered woman’s mother was given the opportunity to make a victim representative statement during Daniels’ virtual court appearance last Friday. “How could you do this?” she asked Daniels, crying. “You are a very, very sick person!”

“I hope you rot. Just rot away,” she continued. “You stole that from us. You took her!”

Deputies were dispatched at the scene after a 911 call in regards of a children crying and begging the neighbors for food from the second-floor patio of an apartment unit. When they arrived at the scene, officers had to climb over the balcony to get into the apartment because the front door was locked and the toddlers didn’t know how to unlock it.

The scene was gruesome; Robinson was stabbed multiple times in the stomach and face. Two of the children, aged 2 and 3-year-old, were vomiting and suffering from dehydration. The third, 1-month-old baby boy, was found unconscious lying next to the woman’s dead body with skull fractures and other injuries.

The children were immediately taken to hospital for treatment. According to the latest hospital reports, all three of them have since recovered.

The suspect apparently was the father of the baby boy. Authorities discovered text messages where Daniels urged the woman to abort the baby or put it up for an adoption. The last texts were sent just before he killed the victim.

During the investigation, police found out that Daniels had kids with another woman, and Robinson messaged the other woman on Facebook four days before she was killed, NY Post stated. She had allegedly told the woman that Daniels was the father of her baby.

Authorities linked Daniels to the scene because he used his cell phone while he was in the apartment. In addition, several surveillance cameras recorded an SUV in the area that matched a vehicle owned by Daniels. Another footage also shows a man entering the building on May 12 and leaving 20 minutes later.

The suspect faces first degree murder charges and child abuse charges. The bond was set at $3 million.

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