South Carolina teachers are one step closer to Covid-19 vaccines, authorities say

Charleston, S. C. – The South Carolina senate decided teachers to be put in Phase 1A of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Lawmakers said they want the kids to get back at school with full schedule as soon as possible.

The senate couldn’t confirm if the teachers will get vaccinated this spring, but the idea is this process to be done as soon as possible and all teachers to be vaccinated until the end of the year.

“It’s the Senate’s full intention to resume school the Monday after spring break,” says Sen. Marlon Kimpson.

The joint resolution to get teachers bumped to Phase 1A is now with the House Ways and Means committee.

“We are hopeful and thankful that the Senate has decided to prioritize teachers’ safety,” says Ellis.

However, Gov. Henry McMaster has already said he will “veto” this decision. He thinks it’s highly unethical to put the teachers in Phase 1A.

The General Assembly can override that veto and may well, but that will also take time.

We will see if this decision can be pushed in the upcoming period.

Cindy Carey


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