“I wanted to marry him, have babies and spend the rest of our lives together”: Boyfriend fakes own death just to ghost girlfriend

“I have been with my boyfriend for two years and I thought I’m gonna marry him, have babies and spend the rest of our lives together,” this is what Kathryn said in her story in a recent TikTok video describing how her boyfriend faked his own death just to ghost her.

Kathryn recorded and published the video following a recent trend on the platform when people started sharing their stories of the worst ways they have been ghosted. The video became popular and went viral in a matter of hours.

According to Kathryn, her boyfriend told her that he thought he might have Covid and that he was thinking of going to the hospital. This happened just when the pandemic started, she said.

One day Kathryn’s boyfriend told her he was feeling very bad, but miraculously he started feeling better. That was the last day Kathryn talked to him. In the upcoming days he didn’t answer her calls, he was not returning her texts, he was not calling her at all. A week after their last call, he turned his phone off and probably changed his number.

Kathryn feared the worst and started calling local hospitals and clinics asking if they have ever treated patient with his name and surname, but she was only told that he was not there. She even called the police and filed a missing person report, but she was told that such a person doesn’t even exist.

That was the breaking point when Kathryn realized that not only her boyfriend faked his own death just to ghost her, but he was lying about his real identity for more than 2 years.

In another video she said she discovered her boyfriend’s real identity after 7-month-long personal investigation.

She encourages everyone that experienced similar situations to move on with their lives.

Kathryn’s TikTok username is @kathrynverb.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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