Law student goes shopping in supermarket, returns home vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine

Law student, 31-year-old David from Washington DC, went on his regular grocery shopping in a supermarket when the pharmacist flagged him and his friend down while walking through the supermarket.

A few people (probably health worker, police officers or firefighters) missed their scheduled appointments to get the vaccine on this location.

“She turned to us and was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got two doses of the vaccine and I’m going to have to throw them away if I don’t give them to somebody. We close in 10 minutes. Do you want the Moderna vaccine?” David told NBC.

David and his friend accepted the offer. They were chosen by pure luck just passing by the pharmacist. They also have a scheduled appointment for the second dose of the vaccine.

This can actually happen to anyone. Once the vaccines are unfrozen, only a couple of hours can be used after that. Because the vaccine supplies are very limited, no one wants even a single vaccine to be wasted. Even the state guidelines advise if someone can make it to an appointment, the vaccine can be given to anyone just to be used.

Monica Doyle


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