Little girl fatally shot by stray bullet while doing her homework at home, shortly after her family moved in ‘safer neighborhood’

A little girl was shot by stray bullet in her home and died days after the incident. The police confirmed that the 8-year-old T. Andrews, has been shot in the living in her home while she was doing her homework.

Unfortunately, the bullet hit the girl in the head and days after the incident, the girl succumbed to the injuries in hospital.

Someone allegedly shot at least 16 bullets from an automatic weapon around 10:30 p.m. the fatal night. Unluckily, one of the bullets went through the wall and hit the little girl right in the head. Right after the police responded to the scene, she was transported to the nearest hospital for treatment.

A relative of the family was shot just week before this incident. However, the police didn’t comment if these two cases are somehow connected.

The neighbors confirmed the family moved in their new home looking to live in a safer neighborhood. It turns out the opposite.

Autopsy was conducted over Andrews and homicide was ruled out, she was not the intended target.

Although the incident took place months ago, the police haven’t made any arrests until now and they are looking for suspect(s).

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