New park might be coming in the Lowcountry area, local residents joined on Saturday to clean the area and bring it to its original state

Charleston, South Carolina – Lowcountry residents are happy with the news of a potentially new park project that should be built in the area and they worked together to clean the area before the beginning of the project.

According to multiple reports, members and friends of the several Lowcountry organizations including Friends of Lowcountry Lowline, Charleston Waterkeeper and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance showed on Saturday at New Market Creek under I-26 trying to bring the creek back to its original state.

Officials with the Charleston Waterkeeper said they are performing this cleanup community driven action once a year in an effort to keep the area clean. According to them, the creek fills with debris from the overpass.

Friends of Lowcountry Lowline officials say the cleanup came just in time and the people that gathered on Saturday were welcome to share their thoughts about the new park that should be build in the area. The plan is the park to be built along I-26.

“This is going to be huge for the community, it’s really just a gathering space, said Megan Mills, executive assistant for Friends of Lowcountry Lowline. “So when I-26 came, it really divided the peninsula in half. So this is going to be a way to connect the communities back together. It’s going to be green space, it’s also going to be active, so you’ll be able to bike and walk safely around the peninsula.”

The project is still in the early stages and is yet to start. However, Friends of Lowcountry Lowline confirmed their next step is to meet with the Charleston City Council to discuss the funding of the project.

Cindy Carey


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