North Charleston Police Department will be giving away school supplies and food to students on Saturday, August 13

North Charleston, South Carolina – Record-high inflation and rising prices cause a lot of problems for everyone, but low and average-income families are especially hit by these trends. The current situation is especially concerning for parents of students who have additional expenses for school supplies, and, unlike any previous year, school supply prices are skyrocketing this summer. Parents of students have to pay 40% more for some items compared to last year.

The past weekend was a great opportunity for parents to get the essential school supplies for their children. Clothing, accessories, shoes, school supplies, backpacks and computers were exempted from the state’s sales tax and, combined with different promotions and discounts, many families took advantage and made the most of the tax break.

Despite the great possibility of preparing their children for the school year, many parents still struggle with school supplies and are in need of help. That’s why the North Charleston Police Department decided to host a giveaway event on Saturday and help families with school supplies and food.

According to the NCPD, the department will be giving away school supplies and food to students this Saturday, August 13. The department confirmed that the event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be hosted in the North Charleston City Hall parking lot at 2500 City Hall Ln.

Officials with the North Charleston Police Department said that the upcoming event is not only a giveaway event but also a “fun day” for children as there will be free food and fun activities for the kids.

Those in need of help are invited to attend Saturday’s event.

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