South Carolina bill-HR 5299, to require DUI suspects to pay child support if parent or legal guardian dies in accident

South Carolina – Those driving under influence might soon have additional penalties if they get involved in fatal accident in the state of South Carolina.

According to the bill HR 5299, convicted DUI drivers will be obligated to pay child support to children if parent or legal guardian dies in accident.

South Carolina lawmakers believe that with introducing this bill, drunk drivers will think twice before they get behind the wheel eventually resulting with less fatal DUI incidents across the state. In addition, the goal of this legislation is to provide more than just legal justice to those affected by deadly DUI accidents.

Upstate Representative West Cox is the one who proposed the bill. According to him, if the bill doesn’t pass this legislative session, the bill will be a top priority in January.

“It would make consequences beyond just going to jail. And you know, really having to keep these children financially able going forward,” says Upstate Representative West Cox.

So far, such kind of measure has been approved in Tennessee, while several other states are considering similar laws.

Monica Doyle


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