Support Ukrainians South Carolina residents are booking AirBnB’s in Ukraine to help Ukrainians

Charleston, South Carolina – Since Russia invaded Ukraine two weeks ago, people around the world are trying to help the Ukrainian residents using all the available tools and services.

Few days ago, interesting idea became viral trend and now more and more people around the globe are using the AirBnB booking app to book apartments, rooms and houses in Ukraine even though they don’t plan to travel there.

The idea is simple. With booking accommodations through the application people are directly supporting accommodation owners in Ukraine who are going through difficult times.

In the past few days, South Carolina residents joined the trend and decided to book accommodations directly supporting those who need this type of support the most. One of them is Carrie Hobbs of Mount Pleasant who reportedly booked a stay once she found out about the trend on the social media.

She logged onto AirBnB, searched Ukraine as her destination, and chose to book at a small home. She told the owner she wouldn’t be coming, but she would love to visit one day.

“She was very kind,” Hobbs said. “I told her that I wouldn’t be coming but I would love to eventually visit one day, and it was just my small way of showing the support in any way possible for them. And she wrote back and said how appreciative she was, and thank you, and that she’s waiting for visitors to come back to her country.”

Hobbs spread the word further and told her friend Stephen about the trend who also decided to book three nights in a town outside Kyiv. Stephen paid $66 for his stay and within an hour, he received a note back from the owner saying his $66 would go a long way.

According to Stephen, the owner of the property had said they are going to use the money to buy some food and clothing for the children in the neighborhood.

Once AirBnB learned what people had been doing for several days, they decided to lift all the property owners’ fees meaning that once someone makes a reservation, property owners receive 100% of the payment.

Hobbs added she was happy to contribute encouraging others to follow her steps since the process is simple, easy and takes only a few minutes.

“I would like to see more people do it,” Cheney said. “I think it’s so easy to do. And it’s so appreciated. They’re in a world of hurt, and it could happen to us.”

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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