UofSC home game and State Fair limits the parking in the area, authorities warn

The University of South Carolina home game and the South Carolina State Fairgrounds will cause difficulties with the traffic in the area and parking difficulties, authorities warn.

According to local authorities, more than 100 state troopers are expected to take control over the traffic in the area since hundreds of vehicles are expected in a few-hours period.

Knowing this, local authorities are information that those who plan to attend the game or to visit the State Fair to plan their trip and to come earlier.

“Historically what we see is fans show up and get the parking spots early,” said Trooper David Jones. “Fair attendees from the York County area, fairgoers from Charleston or the Low Country come to try and enjoy the fair on a Saturday afternoon and realize that there’s no parking.”

Parking is limited because the Fairgrounds are usually home to tailgaters, but this weekend the area is packed with rides and vendors. Parking lots surrounding the Stadium are first-come, first-serve.

Around noon, troopers will reverse traffic for the football game, making it more difficult for fairgoers to get out of the area.

“If you’re coming to the fair and you’re getting to these parking facilities and they’re already full, it’s going to be very difficult to get away from this area because of those lanes being reversed. So, be mindful, be mindful of the congestion,” said Jones.

As a result of the rainy weather, there was not much crown in 2019, while due to the pandemic and the pandemic measures, the same applied last year. However, this weekend the situation will be much different as much more people are expected compared to previous years.

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