VIDEO: Three women attack fast food employee after refusing to provide extra spicy chicken meal, charged

Brianna T., Chloe H. and Joanna C. were all arrested and charged after they attacked fast food drive-thru employee and the incident was caught on camera. Police said they are looking for fourth woman who was also involved in the incident.

Following the incident, all three of the women are now facing charges for robbery with a weapon and burglary with assault/battery, officials say.

The incident took place in Florida at Popeyes fast food chain when the young ladies stopped their car at the drive-thru. According to reports, an argument started between the employee and someone in the car. One woman then spat at and attacked the employee.

The situation escalated when two of the women got out of the car and attacked the employee inside the restaurant. One woman even managed to reach out inside the window and grabbed money from the register.

The car left the scene moments later.

The police identified three of the women and arrested them. They are still looking for a fourth woman who was also involved in the incident.

Officers questioned the employee and three of the women. According to them, the incident occurred after one of the women insisted for a super-spicy-chicken meal, something that the employee couldn’t provide at no additional cost.

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