Woman refuses to give her number; he points a gun at her

Conway, S. C. – A man is charged for pointing a gun at woman who refused to give him her number, police confirm.

Domian Nelson, 28-year-old, was sitting on the passenger seat when the pickup truck stopped next to the victim and asked for her number. She was leaving Jade Hibachi on University Place to go to her car and refused to give her number. That’s the moment when the suspect pointed his gun at her.

Out of fear the young woman gave the number to the suspect.

Nelson followed the woman on Instagram and saved her number. Shortly after he told the woman’s boyfriend, he would “mess him up” while waving the gun.

The couple reported the suspect and the police managed to find him shortly after the incident. He was arrested in Berkley County.

Nelson is charged with armed robbery and pointing and presenting a firearm.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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