18-wheeler trucks causing problems at some roads in the Charleston County area, CCC discussing whether to restrict certain roads for trucks

Charleston County, South Carolina – 18-wheel trucks might soon be restricted to access several roads in the Charleston County area after locals often complain that they cause traffic issues in some neighborhoods.

According to the latest reports, Charleston County Council heard them and decided to discuss the matter and might soon bring ordinance restricting large trucks from driving on certain roads in the county.

Reportedly, residents in the Cedar Creek area often wait for several hours to get home since the number of trucks that make wrong way turn and getting stuck in the streets has increased in the last couple of months.

According to them, Berryhill Road and Walter Drive, both of which are near Main Road and Maybank Highway on Johns Island are among the streets that should be restricted for 18-wheelers.

But stuck-trucks issue is not the only problem in the neighborhood. Local residents are concerned over the safety of their own and especially children.

They say that most of the streets in the area don’t have sidewalks and the pedestrians are walking on the roads. Children who are playing in the yards often end up on the streets, they added.

Nearby construction sites have brought in a significant increase in 18-wheeler traffic, but the new ordinance would attempt to curb the congestion.

The “No Thru Truck” ordinance would restrict all vehicles with more than six wheels from driving through both Berryhill Road and Walter Drive.

Anna Johnson, Charleston County Vice Chairwoman, is backing up the community request and is bringing the ordinance before full council on Tuesday.

If passed, the ordinance would be the first truck-restricting ordinance to be implemented in Charleston County.

This would be the first truck-restricting ordinance in the are if passed, but many expect this might become a trend since other county councils are already receiving requests for similar issues. The same applies for the CCC that also has received numerous requests for different neighborhoods in the area.

If approved, truck restricting signs will be installed along the roads. Council members are also discussing changes to GPS systems to reflect these restrictions.

FedEx, UPS and similar under 6-wheel trucks can still operate in the area.

According to the latest information, the meeting regarding the ordinance should take place on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Monica Doyle


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