As team Biden duo reached their lowest ever rating, Republicans are seeing the widest midterm margin in 40 years, poll

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been going down for months now reaching the lowest ever recorded approval rating in November. The poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University between Wednesday and Friday of last week, shows that Biden’s approval rating sits at 38%.

When it comes to vice-president Kamala Harris, she has been struggling with her rating ever since Biden took the White House office. According to the same poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, Harris’ rating is even worse than Biden’s as she now has an approval rating of 28%. he’s even polling lower than former President Trump did after Jan. 6.

Team-Biden’s ratings have been going down since August with the start of the Afghanistan events, fueled by the rising number of Covid-19 cases, low vaccination rates, inflation and rising prices, rising poverty and the federal vaccine mandate.

While Democrats seem to be unconcerned as we approach the midterms next year, a recent survey conducted earlier this month shows that Republicans have the widest midterm margin in the last 40 years. The poll was conducted by ABC News/Washington Post poll and was taken after the Democrats passed their $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act earlier this month.

According to the poll, 51% of registered voters said they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district and only 41% saying they’d support the Democrat, spelling trouble for the party trying to secure its razor-thin majorities in Congress.

“That’s the biggest lead for Republicans in the 110 ABC/Post polls that have asked this question since November 1981,” ABC News reported Sunday.

Those who took part at the poll said their biggest concern right now is the economy and how our president is handling the economy in the country. A huge number of 70% of respondents said the economy is in bad shape and 55% said they disapprove of Biden’s performance on the economy overall, the poll said.

As we already reported multiple times, the history had shown that foreign policy issues don’t affect the voters, but issues like the economy, rising poverty and inflation sure do. Democrats are pretty convinced that Biden’s current low rating won’t affect the results of the midterms next year thinking that there is enough time to recover some of the rating by then.

What comes as a real concern for the party, is VP Kamala Harris. Harris has been struggling with her rating ever since and there is no clear solution for how she can improve her rating.

The president tasked Harris with handling the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, but she never bothered to go to the part of the border where the crisis was happening. When questioned about that in June, she mentioned she hadn’t been to Europe either, and “I don’t understand the point you are making.”

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